Why You Should Consider A Fire Extinguisher and Security Alarm System?

3 min readMay 4, 2021
Fire extinguisher

Security alarms are like insurance; they’re something that you hope you never need, but that you absolutely need when you need it. While you may not think that your home presents a lot of serious threats, anything can happen — it’s better to have protection and not need it than not have protection at all.

Fire Alarms: Get a Fast Response, Any Time of Day

What happens if a fire starts in your home when you’re out? If you have pets, will they be able to escape? How long will it take for your neighbors to notice?

What about in the dead of night? How sure are you that you would wake up, especially after an exhausting day of work? And would you have the time to get everyone out yourself, or even remember where your fire extinguisher is so that you could get out?

Fire alarms are one of the most important parts of a security alarm system. A good fire alarm will be able to detect smoke quickly and consistently, alerting you and the authorities so they have more time to react. The faster the professionals react to the alarm, the more likely you are to be able to save your loved ones and your property.

And today’s fire alarms also detect an even more insidious threat; carbon monoxide poisoning. A usually silent killer that often goes unnoticed, carbon monoxide can lead to confusion, memory loss, and even death. A carbon monoxide detector will go off when it reaches dangerous levels and can be integrated into a fire detection system. Your fire protection & safety center can give you more information about the safety of your home.

Security Alarms: More Than Just Theft Protection

Burglar Alarm security system

A security alarm doesn’t just protect your property, but also your family. A burglar alarm security system can include motion detectors, entryway detection, and much more.

Security alarms can protect your home while you’re out on vacation and also your household from would-be assailants. Security alarms can be set to alert you when windows and doors are opened unexpectedly, as well as when movement is detected in areas of your home where there shouldn’t be movement.

Today’s security alarms are often tied to “smart” features which can also increase the comfort and convenience of your home. You can see people at your doorbell and ring them in if you know them, or you can talk directly to strangers through your intercom and let them know they aren’t welcome.

You can also record everything around your property, to make sure any evidence of wrongdoing is caught.

But apart from preventing theft, it also discourages it. When people see a security alarm system on a property, they are far less likely to try to break in.

A security alarm offers more than just peace of mind; it offers an actual reduction in risk. With security alarms, you can deter people from trying to trespass onto your property, monitor your surroundings, and react swiftly to issues such as fires. Without a security system, you can never know what’s happening at your home when you’re not there, and you may not even be aware of what happens as you sleep.




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